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Which business doesn’t want exposure or a raise in their website’s traffic? 

It’s been discovered that almost 90% of marketers made a statement that their social media marketing efforts have enhanced business exposure and unbelievably witnessed a huge escalation in their website traffic.

There might be lots of questions popping up in your mind like What is SMO?

What social media marketers do?

What’s the difference between SMO and SMM?

Day-to-day activities of social media marketers?

So, first, tackle all these questions.

So, you can create a clear picture in your mind while we would be covering our primary catchword: How SMO or social media marketing can help your small business to grow.


What is SMO?

SMO is Social Media Optimization. When we break it, we get Social Media + Optimization

Social Media: Look what Wikipedia provides about social media:

meaing of social media explained by Wikipedia

Yes, this is exactly social media.

Let’s jump into well-known examples so everything becomes crystal clear.

Examples of Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin


It is the process of making something completely effective.

So, herewith regards to Social media, we are making our social media profiles completely effective. 


In simpler words, all the activities performed on your social media page to elevate and make it stand out from the crowd, reach out to your target audience, promote your products or services without any paid advertisements is SMO. 

Sideline: Marketing of a business without paying a single penny to any social media channel.


What is SMM?

SMM is Social Media Marketing.

All we can say is, it is a type of online marketing that uses social media platforms as a marketing tool.

This form of marketing came into the picture with the massive number of people who started using these platforms.

Essentially target people when they surf on social media channels.

Why not, we would be doing that?

You will not believe it, but at present, there are 3.96 billion users on these social media channels.

These numbers are continuously rising with the rapid increase in the usage of mobile devices.


SMO vs SMM? Which one is better?

SMO: 1 We don’t need to pay off anything to social media platforms.

SMM: 1 We need to make a payout in this scenario for running advertisements.

We can’t specifically say if SMO or SMM is better.

It depends on your requirements and budget.

If you are prepared to invest more, then SMM would be best for you, otherwise SMO. 


What social media marketers do?


Before hiring any social media marketer, a question that pops up in the mind of every business owner like you is what they do?

Any novice can come, and say I will do social media marketing for your business, but before hiring, you should know the basics at least what they would be doing.

What if you don’t know what they would be doing, you might end up wasting a hell of a lot of bucks and time.

Therefore, if this question pops up in your mind, quickly read the following points, it will help you out.

1 Decide which social platforms to use.

2 Discover your target market

3 Enhance followers

4 Engage and interact with followers

5 Boost website traffic

6 Track outcomes

7 Tweak their strategy

Yes, this is pretty much what they do!


Day to day activities of a social media marketing company

1 Post something unique and attention-grabbing on social media platforms

2 Answer the comments and messages of followers

3 Maintain decent reputation in the industry

4 Understand key metrics for upcoming strategies

5 Work on creating upcoming posts

6 Build a strong community with existing followers

7 Reach out to new and relevant people

8 Build connection with influencers

9 Keep themselves updated with the trending content


Now hop into our catchphrase that has enticed you till now:


How does SMO or Social Media Marketing help small businesses to grow?

How Social Media Marketing Helps in Your Business Growth_

1 Create a powerful web presence for your business.

No matter if it is day or night your prospects’ eyeballs stick to the screen of their smartphone….now the dilemma is why they can’t find your products and services there….?

Now imagine if you use SMO, create attractive business pages on all social media platforms, it will only help you to create a memorable online brand presence.  


2 You won’t believe it but 1.3 million new users register on social media every day.

It clearly states that your target audience is there on social media.

Now, what more you need to migrate your business to social media…?


3 Not only this, it helps in local SEO as well.

Let me make it crystal clear. If your website visitors count increases, it will ultimately boost your website rankings on Google.

With the help of SMO, you can easily divert the interested and relevant people to the website, uplift traffic, and skyrocket rankings.


4 Enhance awareness about your brand as well as recall value (customer’s ability to remember the name of the business or brand).

This will help your customer to be yours for a lifetime! Not only this, but they will also spread positive words to their known group of people about your brand. Imagine the growth…..

5 Imagine if any random stranger comes to you and asks you to buy a product from him.

Will you buy it? Obviously no.

On the other hand, if your special or best friend comes and tells you the same, then you might at least give strong thought to purchase it.

This is the power of trust.

We don’t trust strangers but known people.

When you create valuable and problem-solving content and post daily on social media, people will eventually start believing in your brand.

Conclusively if any day they require the products or services you sell, your brand will be the first one that will pop up in their mind.

They will come to you and you do not need to do any further marketing.

Isn’t it huge?


Last Line

We believe this write-up has added some value. If so, don’t forget to share with your dear ones who don’t know the power of social media yet!

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