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Are you an SEO Content Writer or even into SEO?

Check if you are making any of these SEO Writing Mistakes!




With the world going digital at a breakneck speed, everything on the internet is gleaming high.

Everyone is in a rush to be the best in less timing.

The purpose of this hustle approach is that humans want to reach the best at a single click.

They are seeking content that provides them with the easiest tactics according to their needs. 

However, we know our Google sir is second to none and it takes care of the needs of the globally accumulated audience. 

Great content is what earns great guest posts this tag and also offers more traffic to the sites which offer such guest post services.

Its wonderful feature Search Engine Optimization makes things so easy for us that a single search presents numerous options in front of us.

And we can pick any website of our choice. 

Meanwhile, the main problem to grab the audience comes from the SEO writers.

There would be thousands and thousands of them.

But only a few know how to reach the wide cybercitizens.

Do you know what SEO writing mistakes they should avoid?

Let’s have a look. 



Top 5 SEO Writing Mistakes to Avoid


● Not researching properly 


If you do not want to end up with poor results, I would suggest you do research based on your target audience.

There is much competition in online article writing and a huge number of creative writers are paving their way. 

If you want to stand out from the others and aspire to write something productive, search for SEO tools.

These online content writing and online article writing tools help you to get data that will add to your topic and will enrich it efficiently. 

So, it would be better if you read some samples, note down points of your concerning theme, and do some keyword research too. 


● Excess keyword usage 


Keywords are extremely crucial to be used.

But their superfluous usage makes your write-ups very impoverished.

Yes, the repetition of words makes it of low quality, and nobody wants to read the same thing again and again. 

For example, read this part. 

Do you know how to catch a cat?

If you do not know how to catch a cat, you need to browse this carefully.

If you are seeking a man to catch a cat with a bow you are wrong.

This process is called keyword stuffing and an SEO writer must avoid it to catch up with the worldwide people.

The online content writing services can be taken for better online article writing. 


● Providing wrong information 


The reader is believing you with all the hope to get an answer to a specific question.

Rather than just writing down what comes to your mind, do thorough research and write down with much precision. 

The content that is published online must be original but it should be 100 percent accurate.

This mistake must be avoided if you are going to be a content creator or creative writer most literally. 


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● Giving a non-fascinating title 


If you want to maintain your Google ranking and aspire to be the search engine favorite the one thing that you should do is give a captivating title to your quantity.

The visitors will be impressed when they will be engaged. 

And your first impression can determine how long your way as a content writer is. SEO is not that easy to tackle as we think.

But your grip and creativity of the words can pull any audience to think about the manner you write. 

For example, read the two sentences below. 

A) Wonderful ways to handle your homework 

B) How to do your homework? 

After reading both sentences, we might feel the second title is a little boring and straight. The first one is engaging. This is how one should work. 


● No proper tags and meta descriptions 


Using proper tags that must be relevant according to what you have composed.

Besides this meta-description is also a necessary element.

This is a short paragraph or an overview of your writing.

Hence, these are of great importance. 

If you are writing about valleys then providing desert as a tag should not be beneficial.

Choose those tags which are acceptable and are worth furnishing attention to. 



Well, the above guidelines are sure to take care of whether you are turning into a good SEO writer or not. 

Competitions can also be a reason behind these drops in rankings and therefore one must always keep themselves updated.

This is what certain sites, which offer guest posts services do.

Content can be created by anybody but those who understand the demand of the growing technology are the ones who will achieve great success in life.

Take care to not make the aloft mistakes because you will end up with the wrong dimensions. 

All the best and keep yourself safe.


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