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data entry / data analyst

A data analyst uses data to acquire information about specific topics. This usually starts with the survey process, in which data analysts find survey participants and collect the needed information.

The data is then interpreted and presented in forms such as charts or reports. Data analysts may also put their survey data in their online databases.

Data Analyst duties and responsibilities

Collecting and interpreting data analysing results
reporting the results back to the relevant member’s of the business.
This helps in identifying patterns and trends in data sets
Working alongside team within the business or with the management team to establish business needs
defining new data collection and processes analysis.

Expert IN

Data Entry Work

Offline Data Entry Work

Offline Data Entry services are a significant part of our outsourced offline data entry services. Offline data entry is a common practice among many global organizations in recent times. It is a perfect match for all your routine & bulk Data Entry Needs.

Online Data Entry Work

The service ranges from simple online data entry work to compilation of data from websites and other similar online data entry services. Data typing is one of the most vital requirements for various banks, national and multinational companies.